Monday, November 3, 2014

The Zuni Man Woman Reading Practice

Please read the follow webpage:    You can skip the intro box and the part where the person is giving a review of Will Roscoe's The Zuni Man Woman.  You should be reading from "the following excerpts" all the way up to the footnotes.  As you read look for the questions bulleted below.  I would like you to answer these in complete sentences in a Google Document.  You should practice using evidence from the reading to support your answer.  
  • To practice reading informational texts--particularly pieces written at the college level
  • To support our answers with facts from the texts

Reading Questions:
  • What were the male and female gender roles in Zuni society like?
  • What was life like for Zuni women?  (Try to practice using our vocabulary from this and past units.)
  • Who was We'Wha?
  • What is a berdache?
  • How did Europeans react to them?
  • How did the Zuni regard them?
  • Reflect: What does looking at Zuni gender relations reveal about gender in Western society?

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